Sunday, January 6, 2008

Reviews of Cold Words (2009)

- "Wade does a really good job of creating alien aliens, with their own distinctly non-human psychology and cultural values, and showing how language, the words themselves, can both create barriers and help to tear them down." Gardner Dozois

- "This is an effective portrayal of the alien from several different points of view–between species, between clans, and between competing interests even among the same groups. Individuals may make friends, yet still see each other as predator and prey." Lois Tilton, IROSF

- "Standout story of the issue was 'Cold Words.' The aliens were imho perfectly realized -- and realized as individuals -- from the inside out. I did not detect a single false note in the story." Michael Flynn, author of The January Dancer
- "This is not my standard reaction to a weird talking alien, but I was much more emotionally invested in [Rulii] than in most humans I read about." Umbrageofsnow

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