"Mind Locker," Analog Magazine (Forthcoming 2014)
  • A story extrapolating the future of Google Glass and Internet language

"Lady Sakura's Letters," STRAEON, ed. Marc Blake (Forthcoming 2014)
  •  A fantasy story set in Heian Japan

"Suteta Mono de wa Nai," Clarkesworld Magazine (Issue #90, March 2014)
  • A fantasy story set in modern Tokyo, Japan about a sometime Harajuku cosplayer who starts hearing voices
  • Michelle Ristuccia at Tangent Online says, Juliette Wade intersperses Japanese vocabulary in a smart, understandable way that enhances the authentic feel of the piece without hindering comprehension. The format and progression of the story are handled expertly, from the mention of “Adults day” as a coming-of-age reference, to obaa-chan (grandma)'s advice in the last scene.
"Smoke and Feathers," When the Hero Comes Home 2, ed. Gabrielle Harbowy and Ed Greenwood, 2013
  • A story of Japanese Urban Fantasy about two boys who discover terrible truths about themselves when they rebel against their abusive grandmother.
  • Author Jamie Wyman says, Heartbreaking, lovely, terrifying.

"The Liars," Analog Magazine October 2012
  • A story from the Allied Systems Universe
  • Colleen Chen at Tangent Online says, There are a couple of common themes in this story—the destruction of a culture by tourism, and the issue of how to respect the culture of an alien world even if one judges it to be wrong. These themes are woven into a unique and complex story that is visual and beautiful, tense and highly dimensioned. I love the world of the Poik that Wade has created, with all its social and linguistic details.
  • See more reviews here.

"At Cross Purposes," Analog Magazine January/February 2011
  • A story from the Allied Systems Universe
  • Author Karen Anderson says, Good work! This is the kind of take-nothing-for-granted attitude John Campbell liked to see.
  • See more reviews here. 

"The Eminence's Match,"  Eight Against Reality anthology, Panverse Publishing 2010

  • A story from the world of Varin
  • Author Alan Smale says, Recommended: ...Great characterization, a sensitive study of unusual perspectives and attitudes, and evocative prose.
  • See more reviews here. 

"Cold Words," Analog Magazine October 2009, page 88.
  • A story from the Allied Systems Universe
  • Gardner Dozois says, Wade does a really good job of creating alien aliens, with their own distinctly non-human psychology and cultural values, and showing how language, the words themselves, can both create barriers and help to tear them down.
  • See more reviews here from Michael Flynn and others.

"Let the Word Take Me," Analog Magazine July/August 2008, page 110
  • A story from the Allied Systems Universe
  • If you want to hear an audio version of this story, you can find it at Starship Sofa, here.
  • You can read this story for free at my author website, here.

"Point of View:  Reading Beyond the I's"  The Internet Review of Science Fiction, August 2006
  • A nonfiction article discussing tiny words that go into creating the sensation of point of view.  For readers and writers.