Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Workshop: A Question for Participants

A comment that Catreona submitted today led me to ask this question:

Are you all interested in receiving direct critique on your revised work from

1. me?
2. other participants?

Please comment here and let me know. I had anticipated that other general worldbuilding topics might come up, and those are cool. I also always find for myself that a range of critique is very helpful. However, I didn't originally envision the workshop as a group critique session. So please do let me know your preference, and that will help me organize our wrap-up discussion.

Thanks! More soon...


  1. I'm always interested in feedback, and the questions and comments here have particularly helped me think about my novel as a whole in exciting new ways. It's funny to think of getting critiqued on stuff that's so new and unpolished, but maybe that's a really good thing- to know what works and what doesn't before you've invested too much time in trying to get it 'just so'. I'm a newbie and I'm game for whatever.


  2. Okay, that'll teach me to leave the original post up.

    Yes to both Juliette and any other participants who would care to critique my work.

  3. Juliette, yes please.

    As to m y fellow workshop participants: I hadn't thought of it, but that might be fun.

    Please disregard the copy of this comment that I left on the Revised Excerpts thread. Sorry about t hat!

  4. So everyone, feel free to comment on others' work if you would like, but feel no obligation in that regard.

  5. Sure, feedback is always good! I'll post comments on other people's work when I get the chance, but it may be a few days since I'm pretty busy at this conference...