Thursday, February 5, 2009

A magazine I have loved...

I'm not generally one to subscribe to causes as such, but I was very sad recently to hear that Realms of Fantasy magazine was going out of business. I always loved the art, usually loved the stories - it was worth me having a subscription, which I can't say for most magazines (the only other one I currently subscribe to is Analog).

It appears some supporters of the magazine have started a group called "Save Realms of Fantasy." If any of my TalkToYoUniverse readers have read and enjoyed this magazine, and would like to see it continue, you might look into joining the group. You can Google it easily; their Facebook page is at this link.

I really hope the voices of enthusiasm can sway the publishers in this instance.

1 comment:

  1. R of F was very kind to me on their forum.
    Posted some links of mine, and helped me research Trucker Fantasy stories.

    Only ever sent one story there, a rejection.

    They will be missed. :-(