Sunday, December 6, 2009

A funny article!

This is a wonderfully funny one. Many thanks to my lovely friend K for directing me to it - an article about a constructed language called Na'vi which is used in the upcoming series, "Avatar." Apparently the language has been developed in some depth, and certainly the article treats its subject respectfully. This also includes references to Klingon, for those interested - and an intriguing reference to an artist who renders Eminem rap songs in Klingon!

The article itself is here.


  1. The blog 'Hero Complex' has another great (and more detailed) article about Frommer's work on the Na'vi language:

  2. Love this! Thank you!

    (I'm such a language geek.)

  3. Thanks for the link, Ryan. Cool stuff.

    Megs, you know what a language geek *I* am. :-)