Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Guest Blog Post today!

In conjunction with the appearance of my story, "At Cross Purposes," I've been putting together a few guest blog posts which will be up on some fantastic blogs this month. Today, Wednesday the 10th, I'll be appearing on Jaleh D's blog, Ex Libris Draconis, talking about using animal species as inspiration for an alien culture. On Friday I'll be over visiting Lydia Sharp's blog, The Sharp Angle, with some thoughts on how to use multiple points of view.

To recap those links:
Wednesday, November 10th - Ex Libris Draconis
- Using animal species as inspiration for an alien culture

Friday, November 12th - The Sharp Angle
- Multiple points of view

Both of these posts will give you insight into my new story, "At Cross Purposes"!

I have two more posts scheduled for later in the month which I'll update you on when the dates are fixed.


  1. I'll look forward to the post on multiple points of view. It'll come in handy, since most of my stories tend to have multiple POVs.

    And I'm very happy to be hosting you. :D