Monday, December 5, 2011

An Excerpt from "Cold Words" in honor of Analog's first e-anthology

If you follow me on Twitter or are a connection of mine on Facebook or Google+, you may have seen my announcement that I had a story anthology come out today. My story, "Cold Words" (Analog Oct. 2009) is now appearing in Analog's first e-anthology now available on Amazon. I was incredibly honored to be included in an amazing Table of Contents with authors like Mike Flynn, Harry Turtledove, Marianne Dyson, Brad Torgerson, Robert J. Sawyer, and many others.

Amazon allows you to look inside the ebook, but doesn't actually give excerpts from all the stories, so for those who are interested I thought I'd put up a teaser excerpt of the story.

Rulii is a wolf-like native of the planet Aurru and the only member of the downy-furred Lowland race on the Majesty's Cold Council. He is brokering a deal with the Allied Systems to bring a human spaceport to his region, hoping this may bring the riches his oppressed Lowland people need to improve their lot. Problem is, the new negotiator Hada must speak the Cold words dialect well enough not to insult Majesty - her language sounds wrong and he can't figure out why. The human linguist Parker is trying to help him, but Parker's friendship may put Rulii in an entirely different sort of danger...

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  1. Congrats again for being included, and this is a great story everyone (one I had the pleasure of having read to me by Juliette as well as reading on my own :)), and well worth the cost of the anthology.

  2. Nice teaser ... I really had to pay attention to the shapes of your sentences. i.e. I couldn't skim read, which is a good thing because I've noticed that I'm reading so much for 'work' these days that I have to force myself to slow down when I read for pleasure...

    ... so, I'm interested in your Google+ Wednesdays, but as a complete newbie to Google+ I have no idea how to get there ... driving instructions please?

  3. Thanks, Margaret!

    Widdershins, thanks for the nice comments. I'm glad you think not being able to skim is a good thing... :) As for Google+, you can Google it (I know, sounds funny) and follow the link for "create an account." Then follow the directions. Once you have an account, you can start putting people in circles. If you put me in a circle I'll get a notification and I can circle you back so you can attend the sessions. I hope that helps!

  4. Thanks Juliette ... done and done!