Saturday, December 3, 2011

Link on how manners continue to change

How digital assistants are affecting the way people talk in public. What is polite?


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  2. This is the beginning of people talking to machines, and machines being able to interact based on those words. Eventually it will lead to higher communications, to where things are less clunky and robotic.

    Yes, talking out loud rather than typing is rude in some situations.

    No, talking like a robot to what is essentially a robot is not strange or creepy--it's just different. People will get used to it the more commonplace it becomes.

  3. This reminds me of when our long-time admin assistant (retiring Dec 30th, alas), can be convinced to take dictation (she knows shorthand. I am envious).

    When she's taking dictation, people talk to her in exactly the same way as the people in the article talk to their phones. So maybe it's a rather old-fashioned sort of communication, and moved out of the office and into the real world?