Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Upcoming excitement...

 I'm excited to say that on Thursday I'll be having a wonderful guest post from Jane Kindred, author of The Fallen Queen - just out from Entangled Publishing. She'll be telling us about how she started learning Russian and how she ended up integrating it into her novel. When you read her story, I'm sure you'll be inspired to go out and start learning a foreign language too!

As for this week's Google+ hangout, I'll be holding it on Wednesday at 11am PST and we'll be discussing illness and medicine in worldbuilding. Please join us... and feel free to ask me in the comments if you need help finding us.


  1. step by step instructions would be great.

  2. Widdershins, no problem. You'll need to open up Google+ and type my name into the "Search Google+" bar. Just "Juliette" should bring up enough profiles that you can find me, but "Juliette Wade" will certainly work. Click on me to get to my profile. The hangout should come up at the top of my stream, saying "Juliette Wade is hanging out (with X people)". At that point you should be able to click a button to join in. Sometimes people have difficulties with webcams or microphones, but even if neither of those is working, they have been able to contribute through chat.

    Looking forward to meeting you!