Friday, September 4, 2009

Blog News

Here are some updates...

First, great thanks to Ann Wilkes for a great interview of me. It's now up at Science Fiction and Other ODDysseys, here.

Second, my post on "How Morphology Can Help You!" - also known as how to make convincing plural endings and town names, etc. for your sf/f world - is up at

Third, here's an announcement from Dave Steffen about the new nonfiction webzine he's starting, Diabolical Plots:

I'd like to announce a new speculative nonfiction zine entitled Diabolical Plots, that covers virtually every medium related to the genre from books to movies to video games. Edited by Anthony Sullivan and me (David Steffen), this site will feature regular content related to the craft of writing, including interviews and reviews. Past interviews include David Farland, Cat Rambo, KD Wentworth and, of course, Juliette Wade. Future interviews will include Jordan Lapp, Charles Coleman Finlay, and Tad Williams. As part of the grand opening, we're giving away a copy of Writers of the Future volume XXV to one of the people who visits the site and enters the contest before September 7th, 2009.

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