Friday, October 30, 2009

A big day!

Today was a very big day for me, and I have fantastic news:

I have an agent!!! Whee!

I spoke with Ashley and Carolyn Grayson of the Grayson Agency this morning for about two hours, and we shook on it. Ashley will be representing my novel, Through This Gate, which some of you may have been aware of because it was the novel whose revisions I slogged through for more than a year. It's about a girl going off to college who gets mixed up with a magic book, and the world inside which is literally created from the delusional writings of a Japanese madwoman.

I've been working toward this for a long time (though not always with this novel) and it's finally happened! I'm thrilled. The Graysons are terrific and I'm really looking forward to working with them.


  1. Hurray!!!!!!!!!!! Congratulations!!!

  2. That is wonderful! Good for you my friend.


  3. That's great news! I know from other writers that getting an agent is by no means easy! A huge step forward. Congatulations.

  4. Thank you so much. I still can hardly believe it.