Thursday, January 15, 2009

Screaming about the internet

I just wanted to share (or vent, as the case may be). Our internet has been up and down for days and I keep getting into endless service calls that make me want to scream with steam coming out of my head. I got put through the regular checklist with another guy this morning and now he tells me my internet should be fine. But it seems like maybe it's going to be the same old story. My local cable provider has been the most helpful of all in this process - I wish we could have gotten people to jump on our case like this before we switched off them. They're keen to get us back, and to be honest, with the great service we've gotten from their people, I'm keen to be back. Provided of course that we get continuous service.

How ironic how dependent I am on this stuff, but I suppose it's the nature of electrical/virtual connectivity. I love blogging and I love emailing. Since I'm home basically all the time, it's my only connection beyond the neighborhood that isn't my phone.

I really appreciate all of you for continuing to read my posts and be patient with me.

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  1. May I assume you switched from cable to DSL?

    Our DSL, up the road here in Hayward, often became spotty from having too many items plugged into the phone jacks.

    Solved this by getting a wirelessly-linked 6.0 system, and plugging in the base station just once (with a DSL filter, as provided by AT&T), and the other handsets in the house are wireless.