"The Valiant Heart," Not Our Kind, ed. Nayad Monroe (February 2015)
  •  A story exploring the consequences of cross-caste love in the world of Varin

"Lady Sakura's Letters," STRAEON, ed. Marc Blake (Issue #1, December 2014)
  •  A fantasy story set in Heian Japan

"Soul's Bargain," Clarkesworld Magazine (Issue #94, July 2014)
  • A story of the ancient history of Varin
  • Clancy Weeks at Tangent Online says, “Soul's Bargain” by Juliette Wade, is a well-wrought tale of discovery that satisfies on many levels. ...this is a nice little tale, and I thoroughly enjoyed the protagonist. It’s not every day that a nearly blind old woman saves the day.

"Mind Locker," Analog Magazine (July/August 2014)
  • A story extrapolating the future of Google Glass and Internet language
  • Martha Burns at Tangent Online says, The novelette "Mind Locker" by Juliette Wade is a fun read that leaves one wanting more. Hubgirl lives in a future where people wear much-improved Google glasses that have become essential to interacting with the world. She is the leader of a gang of slum kids who have had their equipment hacked within the last month by a mysterious person they call "the Locker." The effect is far more serious than infected hardware, however, since the hardware and the mind are indistinguishable and the kids rely on the technology to meet their basic needs. The story is immersive and clever with just enough argot to make it believable. In the end, Hubgirl finds out what the Locker is up to and because that puts her in a good position to help crack a larger conspiracy, the story seems set up for further adventures of this heroine. I sincerely look forward to them.

"Suteta Mono de wa Nai," Clarkesworld Magazine (Issue #90, March 2014)
  • A fantasy story set in modern Tokyo, Japan about a sometime Harajuku cosplayer who starts hearing voices
  • Michelle Ristuccia at Tangent Online says, Juliette Wade intersperses Japanese vocabulary in a smart, understandable way that enhances the authentic feel of the piece without hindering comprehension. The format and progression of the story are handled expertly, from the mention of “Adults day” as a coming-of-age reference, to obaa-chan (grandma)'s advice in the last scene.
"Smoke and Feathers," When the Hero Comes Home 2, ed. Gabrielle Harbowy and Ed Greenwood, 2013
  • A story of Japanese Urban Fantasy about two boys who discover terrible truths about themselves when they rebel against their abusive grandmother.
  • Author Jamie Wyman says, Heartbreaking, lovely, terrifying.

"The Liars," Analog Magazine October 2012
  • A story from the Allied Systems Universe
  • Colleen Chen at Tangent Online says, There are a couple of common themes in this story—the destruction of a culture by tourism, and the issue of how to respect the culture of an alien world even if one judges it to be wrong. These themes are woven into a unique and complex story that is visual and beautiful, tense and highly dimensioned. I love the world of the Poik that Wade has created, with all its social and linguistic details.
  • See more reviews here.

"At Cross Purposes," Analog Magazine January/February 2011
  • A story from the Allied Systems Universe
  • Author Karen Anderson says, Good work! This is the kind of take-nothing-for-granted attitude John Campbell liked to see.
  • See more reviews here. 

"The Eminence's Match,"  Eight Against Reality anthology, Panverse Publishing 2010

  • A story from the world of Varin
  • Author Alan Smale says, Recommended: ...Great characterization, a sensitive study of unusual perspectives and attitudes, and evocative prose.
  • See more reviews here. 

"Cold Words," Analog Magazine October 2009, page 88.
  • A story from the Allied Systems Universe
  • Gardner Dozois says, Wade does a really good job of creating alien aliens, with their own distinctly non-human psychology and cultural values, and showing how language, the words themselves, can both create barriers and help to tear them down.
  • See more reviews here from Michael Flynn and others.

"Let the Word Take Me," Analog Magazine July/August 2008, page 110
  • A story from the Allied Systems Universe
  • If you want to hear an audio version of this story, you can find it at Starship Sofa, here.
  • You can read this story for free at my author website, here.

"Point of View:  Reading Beyond the I's"  The Internet Review of Science Fiction, August 2006
  • A nonfiction article discussing tiny words that go into creating the sensation of point of view.  For readers and writers.