Wednesday, October 14, 2009

New Anthology out from Panverse Publishing!

I'm happy to announce that Panverse One, the first anthology of novellas from Panverse Publishing, is now available! It's a beautiful volume, nice and hefty with five novellas for your reading enjoyment. For a glimpse of the anthology and samples from each story, go to the Panverse Publishing website, here.

Congratulations to Dario for this great achievement. I hope you all enjoy the fruits of his (and my friend Janice Hardy's) labors.


  1. Congrats!
    I'm so glad you posted this, Juliette. I've been wondering if anyone published novellas like this anymore. I actually just finished a fantasy novella (and have a sci-fi novella in the works) and have been fretting over where to send them. This is great!

  2. Cool, Lydia! I'm glad you found it helpful.