Wednesday, June 9, 2010

My Debut at Science In My Fiction

Coming up on Friday I will have an article appearing at Science in my Fiction, the blog of Crossed Genres magazine. This is a great blog which talks about how to incorporate real science and scientific principles in writing fiction. Entries are written by a list of authors who have expertise in different scientific areas. The post is called "A Different Value: Nature" and I'll repost it here, but I'll let it appear first at the SIMF blog to tempt you over there. This blog is a great resource, so check it out!


  1. First of all, cool!
    Second, I can't believe I'm just now hearing about Crossed Genres!
    I am completely in love with this magazine now!
    Thank you thank you thank you!

  2. How lovely, Brad! I'm glad I could send you their way.

  3. That looks really cool. I'm looking forward to reading your article.