Thursday, January 27, 2011

Your Character's Motivating Need

I found this cool link today on The Character Therapist. It gives you a number of image cards and you can try "showing" them to your characters to see what their fundamental drives are (not quite the same as a situational motivation!). Very interesting.


  1. There's vast potential in this idea. I wonder whether roleplaying in the manner of roleplaying games could work in a similar way?

    Following or guiding the characters through a nascent story is more or less the same whether it's in writing or a game. There are already RPGs like Fiasco which are closer to cinema and literature than something like D&D. Why not 'play' a character through a series of escapades or situations much like those in the eventual story to get a sense of possible behaviour and development?

    Something like this could be done solo, but would on first thoughts work better with the author playing the character and a friend acting as 'gamesmaster' running the encounters and playing other characters according to pre-established criteria.

    Thanks for the link - all it takes is a nudge sometimes! I'll be doing some more pondering on this.

  2. On roleplaying games, that's what got me doing creative writing again. I was actively involved in the story process and coming up with backstories for characters was valuable practice and got me thinking about making up my own stories again.

    And Wednesday I did a post about how GMing is much like writing.

  3. Yes, Porky and Jaleh, I think there's a definite link between writing, role-playing - and acting! It will be interesting to see your post, Jaleh.

  4. thanks for posting the link to my blog, juliette. i appreciate the shoutout. :)

    the character therapist

  5. Not a problem, Ms. Campbell. It's a link worth following!