Monday, June 13, 2016

Moving to a new site - visit Dive into Worldbuilding, the Blog!

New Blog Address:


I've now been running Dive into Worldbuilding as a show for five years (!), and for the last year, it has been the primary content of my blog. I've decided the best plan would be to unify everything under the Dive into Worldbuilding name, so I've taken the contents of TalkToYoUniverse and ported them all over to I have an updated and beautifully clean table of contents there which includes all the summaries and videos I've ever done with Dive into Worldbuilding, so that you can look up anything you like.

That means this is the last post to this site. All new posts will be at the Dive into Worldbuilding blog.

It's kind of scary to make a change like this, after 1274 posts. I thought about redirecting people from here to there, but there are a lot of blog posts here in the archives, and people might find them easier to access directly, so for now I'm keeping this blog up.

Thank you all for your support of my blogging and my writing, and for continuing to follow me all this time.

I hope to see you at the new blog!



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